Man Utd hero Evra slams Liverpool fans with letter from former club chief

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has slammed Liverpool supporters for not having "the same respect and class" as the club's former chief executive Peter Moore.

Ahead of United's crunch game against Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, Evra took to Instagram to share a letter he received from Moore back in 2019 where he apologised for the 2011 Luis Suarez incident.

Suarez was banned for eight games and fined £40,000 after being found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Evra during a game between Liverpool and United.

At the time, Liverpool stood by Suarez and wore t-shirts supporting the forward during the warm-up ahead of their match with Wigan.

When he appeared on Sky Sports in 2019 alongside Jamie Carragher, who was part of the Liverpool squad at the time of the Suarez incident, Carragher apologised to Evra and admitted the club made "a massive mistake".

Afterwards, Evra revealed he received a letter from Moore where the Liverpool chief also apologised.

Evra has now shared that letter on social media with the caption: "I wish the Liverpool fans had the same respect and class as you Peter More @liverpoolfc"

The letter reads: "I hope you don't mind me contacting you direct but having watched you powerful and moving appearance on Monday Night Football, where you spoke candidly about the experiences you endure in 2011, I wanted to take personal responsibility for getting in touch with you.

"The reason for my correspondence is both straightforward and necessary, we owe you an apology. It was remiss of us not to apologise long before now and that is a mistake we need to take responsibility for.

"As a club, we failed to live up to our own high standards of inclusivity, equality and fairness when confronted by your serious but wholly justified allegations eight years ago. This is a matter of collective regret.

"I would hope that subsequent events have demonstrated that we did learn lessons from the period in question. As much as those lessons were painful, they were also absolutely necessary and I want to assure you that we will continue to take heed of them going forward.

"The failings that we were responsible for in 2011 cannot be erased and they should not be viewed any differently in light of this correspondence but our contrition is genuine and our commitment to confront racism absolute."

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