Liverpool fans say ‘it’s not about money’ and demand Aleksander Ceferin resigns

Liverpool fans have called for Aleksander Ceferin to resign from his role as UEFA president while insisting that it's not about the money after being offered Champions League final refunds.

Supporters were tear-gassed while being unable to get into the Stade de France through small entrance passages with Liverpool fans wrongly blamed for arriving late and being ticketless.

After an independent report exonerated Liverpool fans and found that UEFA bore 'primary responsibility' for the chaos, offers of a refund to the almost 20,000 in attendance have been called irrelevant.

Liverpool journalist Daniel Austin, one of the supporters who has led the campaign for justice over the events in Paris, tweeted: "Others will have different views but this means very little to me. It was never about money.

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"It's about the physical and mental harm done to people, and making sure it never happens again. So far they've put no changes in place and nobody responsible has faced any consequences.

"Yes it's morally right that people are given money back, and it's a significant win for the efforts of all involved since May. But this should be one small thing included in a huge overhaul in safety and security processes, and sackings. So far there is zero evidence of that.

"The president of UEFA has still not said a word publicly about the report, and is going to be 're-elected' unopposed in a meeting in Lisbon next month with the full backing of the English FA. Under no circumstances should he still be in the job now, never mind doing another term."

A fellow fan replied: "Agreed. Only a class lawsuit seeking not only monetary punitive fines but also legal and criminal charges must be levied. Otherwise it will happen again. And to any football fan.'

A second posted: "Totally agree Dan, I just hope they don’t think throwing a bit of cash at it will make it go away. They have to accept responsibility and make fundamental changes. The residual trauma will not be fixed by money."

A third agreed: "Likewise, I genuinely don't care one bit about the money. Friends and family have messaged me saying have you seen the good news but the good news will come when these people are no longer in power and are held accountable for their actions."

UEFA general secretary Theodore Theodoridis had said: "We have taken into account a huge number of views expressed both publicly and privately and we believe we have devised a scheme that is comprehensive and fair.

"We value the input from the Liverpool FC supporter organisations Spirit of Shankly and Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association as well as the open and transparent dialogue throughout this period.

"We recognise the negative experiences of those supporters on the day and with this scheme we will refund fans who had bought tickets and who were the most affected by the difficulties in accessing the stadium."


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