Le Tissier says he has "thick skin" and won’t be cancelled for contentious views

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Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier has fired back at criticism he's faced after sharing some of his controversial views – insisting that he won't be "cancelled" by people who simply disagree with him.

The 53-year-old has been blasted by a host of people – including David Baddiel and Gary Lineker – for his controversial social media posts. Just last month, Le Tissier came under fire after he shared a conspiracy theory on social media regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Shortly after receiving a social media backlash, Le Tissier announced that he'd be stepping down from his ambassadorial role at Southampton in a bid to "avoid any confusion" over his personal views.

But the former Soccer Saturday pundit has insisted that he won't shy away from sharing his personal views – and that he has the "mentality" to deal with whatever people may throw at him, labelling 'cancel culture' as a "stain on society".

Speaking to GB News, Le Tissier said: "I’ve always been able to take criticism, I’ve got a thick skin and a pretty strong mentality and don’t allow people to cancel me. I think cancel culture is a stain on society and I will continue to say what I feel.

"I do that on my Gettr live streams, I have migrated to another social app, I rarely use Twitter and I prefer to use Gettr where I still air my opinions.

"Gettr is pretty much the same as Twitter, a rival to them. But they don’t sensor you the way that Twitter do, so you’re allowed to talk about things that Twitter won’t allow you to talk about. And It’s a far better free speech platform at the moment so that’s why I’m there."

Le Tissier recently fired back at Lineker during an interview with The Times. The pair clashed during the Covid-19 pandemic over tweets that Le Tissier shared. The ex-Saint said: "I find it funny that he goes out of his way to criticise me for having an opinion that's different to his.

"I have followed Gary on social media for many years and a lot of the stuff I completely disagree with but I have never attacked him for it. But the other way round. He is meant to be the nice bloke, the woke Gary Lineker, nice and inclusive but he is the one going out of his way trying to dig me out."

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