Keanes Man Utd rant in full as he blasts Nevilles "generous" prediction

Roy Keane was furious with Manchester United on Tuesday as they were humiliated by Liverpool for the second time this season, losing 4-0 at Anfield.

After thrashing United 5-0 at Old Trafford earlier in the season, Liverpool added to their recent dominance with another statement victory against United. And unsurprisingly Keane was less than impressed as he blasted the club that he was once incredibly successful with for how far they have fallen.

United are closing in on ten years without a league title, and the defeat to Liverpool all but ends their Champions League hopes for next season – which was expected by Gary Neville who gave them a one per cent chance of beating Jurgen Klopp's side. Keane blasted Neville's prediction and much more at full-time, and here Daily Star Sport brings you Keane's rant in full as a wounded United side limped off the field at Anfield.

What Keane said…

On United's chances

"I think Gary was being generous with giving us a 1% chance of getting something from Anfield. You’d think maybe with the club, the quality that these players might have, they could get something but there was absolutely no chance. But the result was no surprise, four-nil did not flatter Liverpool this evening."

On lack of desire at Manchester United
"What Manchester United have always had, in my experience at the club, was brilliant characters, brilliant men, people you want to work with, people you would be in the trenches with! Bryan Robson, (Steve) Brucey, (Paul) Ince, (David) Beckham, (Ryan) Giggsy all these lads, brilliant lads. We didn’t win every week, but before every game we asked ourselves, are we going to give everything that we have for this club? And obviously, the answer was yes because of the football club."

On current woes
"There is no soul with this team, they are robotic. There is no emotion, you talk about the pride of Manchester United and the word robotic is the word I’m going to start using. What is going on at the training ground? What is the coaching, what is the culture, who is helping these young lads along? I have never heard about so many players wanting to leave Manchester United."

On Manchester United’s ‘out of contract players’
"You look at the Everton game a couple of weeks ago, they had already gone by then. They were gone, you could tell, especially those players with contracts up. That performance at Everton, the staff, the players, they were already on their holidays. We expected Manchester United to come to Anfield, what do you expect? They don’t turn up, they will shake hands after the game, go down the tunnel and do the interviews after the game."

On Manchester United rebuild
'We are hearing the same stuff all the time, we need to be together as a team, we need to do better. But we’re not seeing it. There is no doubt that they are talented players, but they are not a team. When they fancy it, they turn up, but when they are under pressure and under the cosh, they don’t have that team spirit that you need. This Manchester United team is short on talent anyway, I don’t think that they are as talented as they think. So they have to back it up with that spirit.

On Rashford and Lingard
"(Marcus) Rashford’s performance, he played like a child up front. Jesse Lingard coming on to save Manchester United? Defensively we are trying to help out (Harry) Maguire, but that last goal is not acceptable for Manchester United. We talk about that rebuild again but Manchester United need to get some quality players in to try and compete. I don’t know if we’re fifth or sixth in the league, Manchester United fifth or sixth in the league? Unbelievable."

"I think it was anger at the start at the season, now I just think it is sadness. You look at the team today, there was no heart, no soul, no leaders."

On having no quality
"They lacked quality, they were so far off. You look at the Manchester United fans, they don’t look surprised by the scoreline. They kept going to the end but you felt as though Liverpool could score whenever they wanted when they went forward."

On disarray at club
"There is disarray at this football club, from the top to the bottom. The fans have got no times for the owners. They want new owners, a new manager and new players."

On not being the club he played for
"It’s so sad to see because it is not the club I played for. It is not what Manchester United stood for when I played for them, it is just chalk and cheese. I don’t see a Manchester United team out there fighting or playing with pride."

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