Jamie O’Hara was sent to "fat club" after keeper embarrassed him in bleep test

Former Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara was sent to "fat club" after losing a bleep test to a goalkeeper.

The TalkSport host has conceded that he was no fan of pre-season training during his days playing as a professional footballer, and tended to go all-out during the off-season. “I hated pre-season, I hated it with a passion,” O’Hara said on the radio show. “Off-season is off-season, go away, enjoy yourself, put on a bit of weight, come back. Pre-season is to get fit.

“Now the players don’t work enough during the season and do a ‘pre-pre-season’ to come back fit. I’m like, ‘just work harder in the season and relax when you’re off, mate. Enjoy yourself’. Pre-season is to get fit, these lads are staying fit.”

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And the former Wolves player also admitted that he was sent to a weight-loss camp after being beaten in a pre-season bleep test by goalkeeper Alan Julian, who was his team-mate for three years at Billericay Town.

“He was older than me as well. He was fit as a fiddle,” O’Hara explained. “It’s an unwritten rule, every footballer knows this; you can’t get beat by a goalkeeper in the fitness runs, it’s just unacceptable. Now, these ‘keepers are fit.” The 35-year-old also said that he had to be put in a fat camp. “Yeah, I got put in fat club. I had to come in an hour before everyone else for fat club.”

O’Hara also had liposuction when he was just 31 years old. At the time, the former player posted a picture of the drip attached to him, with a caption that read: “Surgery went fine, everything still in place.” The radio show host had mentioned that he piled on the pounds following his appearance on Brother in 2017.

He said via the Mirror: “I’ve struggled with self-esteem and body confidence. So today I’m getting laser lipo, it’s something I’ve wanted for a while. After seeing pics of me on holiday I realised how out of shape I was. I’m using treatment to kickstart a healthy regime. Since Big Brother, my diet has been poor. I put on a lot of weight round my stomach.

“Vaser lipo is a light lipo to remove stubborn fat. Not saying this is the answer… I just wanted to try it and see the results.” Vaser uses ultrasound and starts at around £3,000.


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