Jamie Carragher has to come to the aid of CBS presenter Kate Abdo

Jamie Carragher has to come to the aid of CBS presenter Kate Abdo after she starts CHOKING in the opening segment of the Champions League Milan derby

  • Start of CBS’ coverage of AC Milan vs. Inter Milan did not go according to plan 
  • Jamie Carragher had to give lead Kate Abdo water when she started coughing
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Jamie Carragher had to tend to CBS presenter Kate Abdo after she started choking at the start of the Champions League Milan derby program.

The beginning of the mouthwatering semifinal first-leg clash between AC and Inter Milan did not go according to plan.

As Abdo begun her opening segment, she had to stop her introduction, pausing and then coughing.

Joined by former Liverpool defender Carragher, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and ex-Manchester City man Micah Richards as pundits for the game between two of Italy’s biggest clubs.

Carragher had to come to Abdo’s aid, supplying a bottle of water while Henry also checked if she was OK.

CBS Champions League presenter Kate Abdo had to stop her intro due to a tickle in her throat

CBS pundit Jamie Carragher came to her aid with a bottle of water at the start of the program

Abdo began: ‘More drama is on the way. Today, the second semifinal kicks off. AC Milan and Inter Milan, sharing a stadium, a city, and now the rare opportunity to move a step closer to the Champions League final.’

She managed to just about get to the end of those lines but was noticeably struggling before stopping, laughing and turning to her colleagues.

Carragher asked: ‘Are you OK?’ 

Abdo said, ‘no,’ before turning away, putting one hand up to the camera and covering her mouth with the other as she coughed. 

Carragher got up out of his seat and into shot to provide a bottle of water.

After the aggravation had subsided, Abdo continued: ‘Thank you so much. So sorry, everybody. It was a great intro. I totally killed it.’

Abdo tries to recover after coughing during the opening segment of CBS coverage Wednesday

Carragher was on hand with some water to help his CBS colleague ahead of the Milan derby

‘I’m good now. Thanks.’

Richards could not help but laugh as Abdo tried to resume the introduction.

Real Madrid and Manchester City played out a hugely entertaining 1-1 tie in the other semifinal at the Bernabeu in Spain on Tuesday night.

Now bitter rivals AC and Inter Milan meet each other at the San Siro, with a Champions League final on the line.

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