James Maddison tempted to do new celebration after viral roast dinner comments

James Maddison's comments about his Sunday roast may turn out to be the inspiration for his goal celebration when he next scores.

The Tottenham star has hit the ground running with his new side following a £45million transfer from the relegated Leicester City this summer. In his opening five games with the club, he's scored twice and assisted twice as Spurs sit second in the Premier League with four wins and one draw in a promising start to the season.

His brilliant play on the pitch isn't the only thing that's caused the 26-year-old to hit the headlines as his recent comments about wanting to be the "main man" during a roast dinner with his family captured attention on social media as fans found Maddison's comments both hilarious and a bit strange. Since going viral, the Coventry native opened up on what he meant ahead of his first North London derby.

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"I thought something like that would come up, taken way out of context by the way," he said speaking to Sky Sports. "The question was about being a showman and I said that's how I am as a person, like a showman, like if we're at dinner I like to tell jokes and stuff so it kind of got taken a bit out of context, it's not entirely what I meant, but I enjoyed the memes nonetheless."

The attacking midfielder said he found the whole situation hilarious and suggested a 'roast dinner celebration' may be in place the next time he scores. "Some of them were absolutely hilarious. My group chat with my friends was just pinging in tweets and TikTok's of me being the main man at roast dinner. It was worth it for the banter. I might have to do a roast dinner celebration the next time I score."

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In what will be his sixth league game for Spurs, he'll get to experience what the North London derby is like in the clash on Sunday (September 24) but regardless of the result, he's already endeared himself to the Tottenham faithful after last month's interview with Laura Woods where he opened up on why he signed up for the club.

Woods, an Arsenal fan, caught flak for laughing when asking the star why he joined their North London rivals as Maddison gave a thoughtful answer and said that they're a "big club".

“Why Spurs? You have to make decisions at points in your life. I could see myself playing for Spurs. I could picture myself as a Tottenham player, as much as that might annoy you Laura. I’m really happy, it’s a brilliant club and a big club and you feel that when you arrive."

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