Jack Grealish deletes X-rated Instagram post of ‘Nathan Ake with t**s’

It's safe to say that Manchester City winger Jack Grealish is no stranger to a bit of controversy.

However, his recent headline making story will likely have plenty of football fans chuckling away to themselves – whilst also leaving team mate Nathan Ake confused.

Taking to Instagram, Grealish posted on his story a photo of an X-rated mug that depicted Ake with breasts.

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Grealish captioned the story: "What a cup of tea & what a mug @nathanake."

The mug in question was from Twitter user @footballerswith, who makes mugs with footballers on them with breasts. However, shortly after posting the story, the 27-year-old deleted his X-rated story.

And taking to Twitter after Grealish's post, @footballerswith wrote: "A lot of people are assuming the story was deleted because of "wokeness" but I haven't seen a single complaint. I asked Jack if he would post something but never expected anything. I was just buzzing about the order."

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They added: "In hindsight that put him in a tough position because footballers don't generally go around posting t*** on the TL. I imagine he either a) posted on stories for a bit so it wasn't permanent but still helped us out, or b) Instagram took it down for policy violation.

"Though there's always c) he got a frantic call from the club press officer, asking if he'd lost his f****** mind."

Of course, there has been no confirmation that Grealish deleted his story due to being asked to, but some football fans certainly enjoyed the post.

One fan wrote: "People are losing their sense of humour in this day and age" with another adding: "how can you not love Grealish."

Another said: "Need more of this gold content from footballers not the boring over trained media rubbish" while one tweeted: "Tell me it’s ok I laughed at it?!"

After an up and down start to both of their careers at City, Grealish and Ake have both enjoyed plenty of game time this term under Pep Guardiola.


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