Inter Milan ultras accuse Lukaku of betraying the club last summer

Inter Milan ultras accuse Romelu Lukaku of BETRAYING the club by leaving for Chelsea last summer and urge fans NOT to welcome him back with Curva Nord flags and scarves as they insist he will have to earn back their love through ‘humility and sweat’

  • Romelu Lukaku departed Inter Milan last summer after winning the Scudetto
  • His move to Chelsea proved a disaster and will return to the Italian club on loan
  • Supporters of Inter Milan say the Belgian betrayed them with his move last year 

Inter Milan ultras have urged their fellow supporters not to welcome Romelu Lukaku with their flags and scarves upon his return to Italy.

Lukaku departed the club for Chelsea last summer for £97.5m after two years with Inter but will return to Italy this window after a disastrous second spell in west London. 

Releasing a statement on social media ahead of the imminent announcement that Lukaku would be returning to the San Siro on loan from Chelsea, the Curva Nord ultras bemoaned the player’s ‘behaviour’ last summer and said that he will have earn back their love through ‘humility and sweat’. 

Inter’s Curva Nord ultras have released a statement saying Romelu Lukaku ‘betrayed’ the club

The statement went on to read that despite being considered a ‘king’ during his initial stint with the club, Lukaku will return to Inter as ‘one like many’. 

The ultras went on to state: ‘Since Lukaku’s return to Inter is very likely, some points need to be made clear: the Curva Nord supports Inter and will not make any objection to the player (despite last summer’s behaviour).

‘Given this, no one should go to welcome him with scarves or banners of the Curva or of the groups that compose it,’ they added. 

‘Everything that in the future will eventually be done towards him will have to earn it on the field with humility and sweat.

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Romelu Lukaku was influential in delivering Inter’s first Scudetto since 2010 last year but will return as ‘one like many’ the ultras said

‘He was supported (and treated) like a king, now he is one like many.’

The Curva Nord group added that they were very ‘upset’ at his actions last summer and while he could atone for his ‘betrayal’, they are actions that are seldom forgotten by supporters.   

‘Let us also be clear to everyone that we will never cheer against Lukaku if he wears the Inter shirt again,’ it read.

‘However, we invite all Inter fans not to fall into the opposite trap, that of running immediately and drooling after him. 

‘In addition to a clear instinctive emotional aspect, pretending that nothing has happened, would only give a further acceleration to that process that has been going on for years aimed at making us all stupid and supine consumers.

Romelu Lukaku will return to Inter looking to replicate his impressive goal feats from his first two seasons with the Italian giants

‘We are not gentlemen at the mercy of the moves of players and clubs. We took note of Lukaku’s betrayal and we were very upset. To a player these things can be forgiven over time, but they remain.’  

It was Lukaku’s desire to return to Chelsea last summer that appears to have most wrangled with Inter supporters. 

Lukaku appeared to suggest, upon his transfer to west London last summer, that his return to Chelsea was the culmination of a ‘long’ journey. Rarely do supporters of clubs like feeling that they were used as a stepping stone. 

‘I’m happy and blessed to be back at this wonderful club,’ the Belgium international said last summer.

Despite declaring himself as ‘happy’ to be back last summer, Romelu Lukaku’s second marriage with Chelsea soon turned sour

‘It’s been a long journey for me. I came here as a kid who had a lot to learn, now I’m coming back with a lot of experience and more mature. 

‘The relationship I have with this club means so much to me, as you know. I have supported Chelsea as a kid and now to be back and try to help them win more titles is an amazing feeling.’

As it was, Lukaku and Chelsea’s second marriage soon turned sour and, via an interview in which he pined for a return to Inter and various underwhelming performances, he returns to Italy with his tail between his legs.  

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