Ings likely to miss Southampton v Leicester after positive Covid test

Ralph Hasenhuttl reveals star man Danny Ings is likely to miss Southampton’s crucial trip to Leicester after testing positive for coronavirus

  • Ralph Hasenhuttl says Danny Ings is likely to miss Southampton’s next game
  • Ings has tested positive for coronavirus after Saints’ 1-0 win over Liverpool
  • Southampton may travel to Leicester City on Saturday without their star striker 
  • Hasenhuttl defended players celebrating goals saying it is ‘definitely possible’

Danny Ings is likely to miss Southampton’s trip to Leicester on Saturday after testing positive for coronavirus.

Ings has been isolating after receiving the result in a test following Southampton’s last game, the 1-0 win over Liverpool in which he scored the winner.

Manager Ralph Hasenhuttl said: ‘I only can tell you that after the last game against Liverpool we had one positive test, Danny Ings is out since 10 days now in self isolation.

Ralph Hasenhuttl said Danny Ings will likely miss Southampton’s match against Leicester

Ings tested positive for coronavirus and Hasenhuttl said it ‘seems he is out for the weekend’

‘I don’t know if he can come back tomorrow. We will look back when it is possible with the tests he makes all the time but it seems he is out for the weekend yes.’

On how badly Ings has been hit, Hasenhuttl said: ‘Alex [McCarthy] was for a few days a little bit weak and didn’t feel good. But after this he was fine. Only two days I think.

‘With Danny I think it was nearly the same because he feels good at the moment. He had two or three days of symptoms.’

The Southampton manager also believes the fact none of Ing’s teammates have been affected despite being in close contact with the striker while he was contagious suggests there is no need to restrict goal celebrations.

He said: ‘That [Ing’s result] meant that in this game maybe also he was contagious – I think its 48 hours before a positive test you can be – and we had no further positive tests so far.

Ings tested positive after scoring the winner in Saints’ 1-0 win against Liverpool on Monday

‘We were a little bit scared about what would happen if we had more cases or not.

‘But it seems the way we are handling everything here and the way we are working together is still keeping us in a safe environment.

‘This was an important message for me and for the team. But that doesn’t mean that we are now getting less serious in following the rules.

‘This week we stopped doing a few things that were normally also OK but now we are sticking to stricter rules to minimise the risk even more because we know about the new mutation of the virus and how it is more contagious. Hopefully we will be still without any positive results.

‘When you stick to these guidelines then you can also work like we do it every day together, celebrate together.

‘We did it after the Liverpool game we did it in the game and I think this is the answer enough.

Hasenhuttl also defended celebrating goals, saying the Covid-19 protocols are working so far

‘Part of football is the duels, defending a set-piece where you’re standing together and celebrating when you score a goal and I think the protocols and experience we made so far shows that it works.

‘You never know but this showed me when you stick to the protocols that you have [you can] control the risk.

‘And it’s the reason why the Premier League decided to let us play football and this is what we are doing.’

When it was put to Hasenhuttl that continuing to celebrate goals is not a good look when teams are having games called off due to coronavirus, Hasenhuttl countered: ‘But you must know why they have to cancel games because of Covid.

‘Maybe they had immediately 10 players out and then maybe it was not everything perfect with their protocols or sticking enough with the protocols.

‘When you do this there are some reasons why we are playing football now because the Government said when you do it like this you’re allowed to keep on going and for us, the example with Ingsy was the next one – that it is definitely possible to celebrate together.

‘I know it is never without a risk, Also to go into a duel is also not without a risk but we have shown when we are disciplined that it works and as long as you do this I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to be honest.’ 


Round 1: Aug 31-Sep 6 – 1,605 tested, with three testing positive.

Round 2: Sep 7-13 – 2,131 tested, with four testing positive.

Round 3: Sep 14-20- 1,574 tested, with three testing positive.

Round 4: Sep 21-27 – 1,595 tested, with 10 testing positive.

Round 5: Sep 28-Oct 4 – 1,587 tested, with nine testing positive.

Round 6: Oct 5-11 – 1,128 tested, with five testing positive.

Round 7: Oct 12-18 – 1,575 tested, with eight testing positive.

Round 8: Oct 19-25 – 1,609 tested, with two testing positive.

Round 9: Oct 26-Nov 1 – 1,446 tested, with four testing positive.

Round 10: Nov 2-8 – 1,646 tested, with four testing positive.

Round 11: Nov 9-15 – 1,207 tested, with 16 testing positive.

Round 12: Nov 16-22 – 1,530 tested, with eight testing positive.

Round 13: Nov 23-29 – 1,381 tested, with 10 testing positive.

Round 14: Nov 30-Dec 6 – 1,483 tested, with 14 testing positive.

Round 15: Dec 7-13 – 1,549 tested, with six testing positive.

Round 16: Dec 14-20 – 1,569 tested, with seven testing positive 

Round 17: Dec 21-27 – 1,479 tested, with 18 testing positive 

Round 18: Dec 28-Jan 3 – 2,295 tested, with 40 testing positive 

Round 19: Jan 4-Jan 10 – 2,593 tested, with 36 testing positive

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