Idiot Roma fan crashes bike after taking eyes off road to mock Leicester support

A cocky Roma fan taunting a bus of Leicester City fans was met with ultimate comeuppance after crashing his bike seconds later.

The fan was shouting at the bus that was packed with Leicester fans following their 1-0 Europa Conference League semi-final loss against Roma in what was a frustrating match for the Foxes. Brendan Rodgers' side took on Jose Mourinho's Roma on Thursday night, with the Premier League side missing out on a place in the final against Feyenoord.

Despite the result, Leicester fans leaving the city were left chuckling as they watched a Roma fan receiving instant karma as he heckled a bus of Foxes fans. Within seconds of him screaming at the bus, he went straight into the back of a car that had stopped in traffic.

The video has now gone viral, with @jackwh1t sharing the video on Twitter with six laughing faces. The video has already amassed 2.8m views in less than 24 hours. After the crash, the driver of the moped can be seen to stand up, with the driver of another moped being left floored after colliding with him.

After the crash, when it's apparent no one is seriously injured, the Leicester fans erupt as they cheer on the magic of karma.

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@wyatt89 quoted the tweet saying: "Not football fan but admiring instant karma."

Roma are set to take on Feyenoord in the Europa Conference League final at the 22,500 seater Air Albania stadium, a modest setting for a European competition final, on May 25.

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