Henderson reveals how Alexander-Arnold was booked in to get a tattoo

EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Henderson reveals Trent Alexander-Arnold was booked in to get a matching Champions League trophy tattoo before pulling out after his mum BANNED him from getting inked

  • Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson has revealed the details surrounding his tattoo
  • The captain, 32, got inked after Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019
  •  Henderson got a large tattoo on his thigh to mark his Champions League win
  • He said it was Trent Alexander-Arnold’s idea to get tattoos but he pulled out
  • Alexander-Arnold was booked in until his mum banned him from getting one 

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has revealed how it was Trent Alexander-Arnold’s idea to get tattoos after their Champions League triumph over Tottenham in 2019. 

Liverpool won the 2019 Champions League final 2–0, with a penalty which was scored after 106 seconds by Mohamed Salah and a goal by substitute Divock Origi after 87th minute.

Henderson and Alexander-Arnold had planned to mark the occasion by getting tattoos. However, the right-back pulled out last minute after his mum banned him from getting any ink. 

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has revealed the full story behind the tattoo on his thigh

Henderson visited Tommy Montoya’s Klockwork Tattoo Club in Covina for the special appointment in 2019.

He chose to have the iconic Champions League trophy as the centrepiece of the tattoo with the date of the final written underneath.

The England international then posed with artist Montoya for a picture once his work was complete.

However, Henderson revealed the fact it should have been him and Alexander-Arnold posing for the photo three years ago.   

Henderson said: ‘I went to get a tattoo with Trent Alexander-Arnold – but his mum forced him to pull out at the last minute!’.

Jordan Henderson has got a tattoo on his thigh to mark his side’s Champions League success

Henderson went on to explain the situation in greater detail. He said: ‘The days after beating Tottenham in the Champions League final were a blur. 

‘We returned to Liverpool for an open-topped bus parade with the trophy the following day. Within the week, I was in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s room in Portugal. 

‘We were there for the Nations League finals. We’d just had a training session with England, but our heads were still in the Estadio Metropolitano, and Trent had an idea.

‘”Let’s get tattoos!” he said. “We should get the Champions League trophy tattooed on our calves.”

‘I haven’t got many tattoos. Just ones of my kids, which are on my ribs. Straight away, I said I was up for it, though.

‘”You’ll do it, too, right?” I said. It was he who had suggested it, after all. “One hundred per cent,” he said.

‘We were both going to Los Angeles for our summer break, so I thought I’d send Daniel Agger, the former Liverpool defender, a message. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold said they should get tattoos after winning the Champions League

‘Dan knows everything there is to know about tattoos; he’s covered in them and is a qualified tattoo artist. I was sure there would be someone he would be able to fix us up with in LA.

‘I told Trent that we could just turn up and know that they’d do a good job. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he said. “Brilliant. Love it.”

‘I wanted to triple-check with him before I organised it. “You’re sure, aren’t you?” I asked again. “You’re absolutely sure?”

‘He said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.” So I texted Dan. He said he knew someone not far from LA and that he’d arrange it.

‘A week later, he gave us the date, the time, the location, who we needed to see. Everything. Brilliant.

‘It was a place called the Klockwork Tattoo Club in Covina, California, about twenty miles east of downtown LA. I’d worked out the route for us and everything. 

‘The night before, Trent and I had gone out to get food. We were both staying in Beverly Hills. I was in a hotel; he was in a villa somewhere. At the end of the evening, I arranged to pick him up the next morning and we’d head out to Covina.

Alexander-Arnold, 24, has said they should get tattoos of the trophy on their calfs

‘I pulled up outside his villa at 11am. I thought he might be waiting, but it was quiet. I waited for a bit, then he came out. He was looking a bit sheepish.

‘”Come on,” I said. “Get in.”

‘”Erm,” he said quietly. “I can’t come”.

‘”You what?” My face dropped. “What do you mean, you can’t come?”

‘”I can’t come because my mam says I’m not allowed,” he said.

This is a wind-up, surely, I’m thinking to myself.

‘”You f****** what?”‘ I said. ‘”Get in the car, man. We’ve got to go. Are you serious? Your mam says you can’t get a tattoo?”

‘It turned out that Trent had mentioned the tattoo to his brother, Tyler, who had mentioned it to his mam, and she had rung Trent up and basically said, “You’re not getting a tattoo. End of.”

However, when Henderson went to pick Alexander-Arnold up on the day, he said he couldn’t go anymore as his mum had banned him from getting a tattoo

‘I hadn’t known any of this while I was standing there like a lemon, waiting outside his villa. I kept telling him that we needed to go, that everything had been sorted out.

‘But he looked serious. Said his mam wasn’t happy. It started to sink in that this really wasn’t a wind-up.

‘I shook my head. I thought about not going at all. But I thought about Dan and the trouble he’d gone to and I didn’t want to let him down. 

‘It was an hour’s drive out of LA to get this tattoo on my quad. I waited around for a bit when I got there, but the guy was brilliant.

‘He got the details of the trophy, put the date on and everything. That night, I’d arranged to meet up with Trent for some food.

‘”Go on then, can I see it?”‘ he asked when I got there. ‘”I shouldn’t even be speaking to you, should I?”‘ I said. I forgave him, but I still haven’t forgotten. He still owes me a tattoo…

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