Harry Kane invests in high-tech TOCA Football in bid to find future stars

Tottenham forward Harry Kane is hoping to see TOCA technology inspire and assist the next generation of young footballers after investing in their high-tech training programs.

The England skipper, 28, is hoping to see his investment help the game grow on a global scale using a small-ball philosophy that will help youngsters learn and improve while enjoying the sport he trail-blazes.

Former Fulham, Leeds and United States star Eddie Lewis is the mastermind behind TOCA Football, a comprehensive training program aimed at helping young footballers of all abilities reach their potential using a smaller ball.

Lewis also spotted an opportunity to create a social experience unlike any other by using the same technology that is used in their 16 centres in the United States, for an entertainment venue.

The first TOCA Social venue opened last summer at The O2 in Greenwich, the team have also announced a Birmingham venue with plans for more sites for their football and social experience.

Spurs hero Kane said on TOCA Football and TOCA training technology: "I think TOCA is a great opportunity for younger boys and girls to train and learn.

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"Everyone wants to see their stats, and everyone wants to see where they're finishing, how they're finishing, and where the best place to score is.

"The TOCA technology gives you the opportunity of getting that information back, seeing what you need to work on, what you're doing well, and what you need to improve on, and I think that is great to have.

"Me growing up, that's what I always tried to do; I tried to learn, tried to get better at my weaknesses, and the TOCA technology gives you an opportunity to see those weaknesses and improve.

"I think it's great to try and help inspire boys and girls from any age really – from the young all the way up to teenagers – to work and to improve, and TOCA will do that.

"I think the older I'm getting, I kind of like to think of what the future looks like.

"I've got three kids myself, and hopefully they get into football, and this will be a great way to learn."

Adding of TOCA Social: "And then obviously with TOCA Social – it's a chance to have a good time with your mates.

"You're always bantering your mates about who's a better footballer, and this kind of settles that debate.

"You can come here and have it out and also have a good time, have some drinks, have some food, and enjoy being with each other. I think that's kind of the appealing factor of it."

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