Grassroots football tier 5 lockdown: Can you play football if there is a new lockdown?

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A new lockdown could be just hours away, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets set to announce new Covid restrictions across England. If there is a new tier 5 lockdown, what happens to grassroots football?

The number of Covid cases in the UK has skyrocketed over the past few weeks.

We’re now truly in the middle of a dreaded third wave of infections, as scientists’ predictions of a grim winter appear to be accurate.

The Premier League has recently been forced to postpone a number of fixtures over outbreaks at individual clubs.

But what would a lockdown mean for playing football in the park?

It’s still not entirely clear what Boris Johnson will announce at 8pm on Monday night.

He’s expected to declare that the whole nation is being put into Tier 4 rules, which is the same as a nationwide lockdown.

He could also decide to introduce a whole new Tier altogether; Tier 5.

The difference between a tier 4 or tier 5 lockdown isn’t clear, either, although it may be linked to the closure of schools.

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Will grassroots football be banned in a new lockdown?

If Boris Johnson introduces a new nationwide lockdown, grassroots football will be banned.

Football for adult participants in ‘non-elite’ football isn’t permitted in current tier 4 regulations.

That also includes all training and Sunday league matches.

The government’s guidance explains that organised outdoor sports for under-18s, as well as disabled people, is currently allowed, however.

It’s also crucial that participants don’t travel between tier levels for their football matches or training.

The only exercise that’s allowed in tier 4 restrictions is within individual households, or with one person from another household.

All team games are banned in tier 4, and would likely be banned in a new lockdown.

The FA issued a new update after the introduction of tier 4 restrictions last month.

“Football for adult participants across ‘non-elite’ football in Tier 4 areas is not permitted, including all training and fixtures,” it said.

“The government’s Tier 4 guidance states organised outdoor sport for under-18s and disabled people will be allowed, while there are exemptions for any FA Girls’ Regional Talent Clubs that have been individually approved to follow elite protocols.

“The government’s Tier 4 guidance confirms that elite sportspeople (and their coaches if necessary, or parents/guardians if they are under 18) are able to compete and train.”

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