Glam footballer shares cheeky costume as she wishes fans Happy Halloween

If you go down to the woods today, you'd better avert your eyes.

But that might prove easier said than done given Gabby Howell's choice of Halloween costume this year. After debuting for Dartford this season, the social media star put on a dazzling display with her choice of attire during the weekend's festivities.

Swapping the boots out for a pair of stilettos and knee-high socks, Darts defender Howell – who can also play in midfield – slunk into a black corset and matching lace sleeves. She topped the Halloween homage off with a pair of black wings and blood-encrusted heart on her chest that will have left many followers wanting a second look.

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It's difficult to put one's finger on the exact look Howell was going for, though 'fallen angel' might fit the bill best. And she ensured the outfit was equal parts naughty and nice as her brunette curls and faultless make-up completed the composition.

The same could be said for seamless slip into the Dartford team this season. She's played a prominent part in the team going 10 league games unbeaten in the London & Southeast Regional, much to the enjoyment of her new team-mates and fans.

Which athlete had the best Halloween costume in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

Howell's Halloween comments were full of admirers telling her how 'gorgeous' and 'unbelievable' she looked onthe eve of All Hallows. But the 23-year-old – who has more than 350,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok – has explained how her online fame comes at a cost in regards to (mostly male) trolls.

“Men will say they’re horny underneath my photos of me playing football – and if I tag my club in the post it’s embarrassing,” she told the Daily Mirror last year. “I like to keep [the hateful comments] on my profiles and I don’t delete them.

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“Young girls think they want to be an influencer but they don’t see the downsides. I like to make people aware.”

That sense of responsibility to the next generation is certainly more angelic in nature than it is devilish. But social media users will have to make up their own minds based on Howell's latest upload.

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