Gary Neville slams Tory MEP who accuses Man Utd legend of ‘hating his country’

Gary Neville has fired back at a Conservative politician who accused the Manchester United legend of "hating his country" in a tweet.

Neville has been very vocal on social media in his criticism of Boris Johnson's government for their new scheme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. Earlier this week he posted an image of minister Tom Pursglove discussing the policy on TV with the caption "Look at me, l’m English and I’m proud to send ‘em back to Rwanda" along with several Union Jack emojis.

Former Tory MEP David Bannerman replied: "Why do you hate your country so much Gary? It’s the British flag by the way. Brain left in your boots?"

Never one to back down on the pitch during his playing days, 47-year-old Neville responded: "I couldn’t love this country more. I just hate what you lot are doing to it.

"We’re being governed by a mean spirited set of lying charlatans without an ounce of decency. They voted for OUR children not to have food. FYI the Rwanda Policy will fail like most others they bring in!"

Neville was then defended by fellow former England international Gary Lineker, who has also hit out at the new plan for immigration. He tweeted: "This ‘they hate this country’ nonsense is deliberately and dangerously divisive and completely untrue."

Earlier this year Neville joined the Labour party. He has often criticised Johnson and his colleagues online in recent years.

The latest of his digs came in reaction to the Prime Minister remaining in power despite being fined for breaking lockdown rules as he admitted he himself would soon be banned from driving.

He tweeted on Saturday (April 16): "I can relate to this. Was recently caught speeding, around 35-40. For first time in 30 years i’m now over 12 points. So I am banned. Because that is the law. When you break the law it means no excuses, no gaslighting, no lies! Speed kills and I’m so sorry!"

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