Footballer ‘hits puberty’ after late winner as voice goes in hilarious interview

A German footballer has sent the internet into a bit of frenzy after taking 'dropping the ball' on live TV to a whole new level on Friday night.

After netting a dramatic 91st-minute winner against SV Sandhausen, Schalke captain Simon Terodde appeared to 'hit puberty' as he spoke to reporters for his post-match interview.

His late goal, which may well have secured Schalke passage back to the Bundesliga, sparked wild on-field celebrations, so you'd expect Terodde's voice to be a little hoarse – but this was something else. The 34-year-old squeaked at the reporter, coughed to clear his throat, before hilariously squeaking at him again – sounding like a 14-year-old who'd sucked the helium out of a couple of party balloons.

After realising he could do nothing about his high-pitched voice, Terrode accepted his fate with a smile and carried on with the interview.

"He just hit puberty," one fan tweeted in response.

"I didn't understand a word but I'm crying with laughter," another wrote, while a third said: "Please don't tell me he sounds like this all the time!"

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Terodde, who scored both goals as Schalke inched past SV Sandhausen in a 2-1 victory, has been in sparkling form this season. He's netted 27 goals in 28 league games to leave the Gelsenkirchen club within touching distance of the league title.

He's the record goalscorer in the Bundesliga 2, with 166 goals in 279 appearances, and has been promoted from the division twice before, and with Schalke now five points clear of fourth-placed Darmstadt, a third promotion seems inevitable.

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