Fans want Real Madrid ‘cheat’ banned for ‘putting Jack Grealish into hoardings’

Manchester City fans have called for Dani Carvajal to be banned after he “put Jack Grealish into the advertisement hoardings”.

Tuesday night’s Champions League semi-final clash between the two European giants threatened to boil over on the stroke of half-time. After several rather tasty challenges went unpunished, Real Madrid full-back Carvajal appeared to lash out at the City winger.

Grealish and the Spaniard went shoulder to shoulder as they chased a ball into touch. But as they approached the byline, Carvajal aggressively shoved the Englishman in his back with a forearm.

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That sent Grealish tumbling over and into the advertisement boards in a heap, though he was soon back on his two feet and sharing some bitter words with his opponent.

And while Grealish avoided what could have been a serious injury from the impact, fans were left sickened at the dangerous bit of defending by the five-time Champions League winner, which somehow went unpunished.

One Twitter user wrote: “Waist high assault on Gundo [Ilkay Gundogan] from [Toni] Kroos and Carvajal dangerous play putting Grealish into ad hoarding."

Do you think Dani Carvajal's challenge deserved a card? Let us know in the comments section.

Another tweeted: “Absolute disgrace from Carvajal. Cheat. Things like that should warrant a ban”

A third added: “Dani Carvajal deserves a match ban for that. Absolutely embarrassing.”

A fourth fumed: “Dani Carvajal is an utter embarrassment & if there is such a thing as karma he's due a yellow or a red.”

And a fifth raged: “The shoulder barge was just frankly dangerous. He's got away with pretty much everything so far.”


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