Ex-Southampton prospect entered top 10 highest-paid adult stars with 600 films

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While Danny Mountain's dreams of becoming a top professional footballer were shattered by an injury he suffered as a teenager while playing for Southampton – he found fame and fortune elsewhere.

Having joined the Saints at the age of nine, he turned down interest from each of Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham in showing loyalty to the club he wanted to represent.

At the age of 16, Danny suffered a serious injury to his knee following a mistimed tackle, going through months of therapy before coming to terms with the fact his career was over before it had started.

Having trained as a carpenter, his career took another turn at the age of 19 following an audition that was initially offered to his partner, who was a Page Three girl.

He told the Daily Echo: “I was dating a Page Three girl. Her agent wanted her to get into porn. She wasn’t keen but he gave her the details of an audition in London and I went along.

"I didn’t know what to expect but I was full of confidence. I wasn’t at all nervous about the sexual part. I was worried about talking on camera – I couldn’t control my face I was so nervous.”

Despite the nerves, the audition proved to be a resounding success, and would lead to a long career in porn that has included two marriages and almost 600 films.

One further hurdle that Danny had to manage was telling his family of his new occupation, especially his mother who was left shocked by the reveal.

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Danny added: “When I told my mum she was a bit shocked. She had the same mentality as a lot of people – she thought it was going to be sleazy.

"But we had a serious talk about it and after a few months she didn’t worry at all. She was worried that I was OK because I was only 19 but I was having a great time and flying all round the world and she realised how happy I was.

"My dad’s a big kid. When I told him he was like 'go on my son!’.”

Having been married to Eva Angelina between 2007 and 2009, he was in a relationship with Mia Malkova between 2014 and 2018 before he detailed their split on Twitter.

Speaking about his life with Eva and baby daughter Silvi back in 2009, he revealed how he brushes shoulders with famous faces from both Hollywood and football.

He said: “We have a nice house, we go to restaurants. I play football here for Vinnie Jones’s Hollywood Allstars, with Jason Statham against people like Frank Leboeuf. We go to Vinnie’s house for barbecues and meet his celebrity friends.”

Scorum report that Danny only recently became Britain's highest paid pornographic actor, entering the top 10 for earnings with nearly 600 films equating to more than £1million.

Overall, Danny is pleased with how his career has turned out despite his initial plans.

Adding: "As a child, I dreamed of becoming a famous footballer. Unfortunately, I will never score for England, but it did not stop me from being successful.

"Today I have a big house, I eat at restaurants, and play football with Jones, Statham and other celebrities at the weekends. Would I like my daughter to be a porn actress? Of course not.

"But, if I have a son, I will tell him the same way as my father used to: "Dare, son!"

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