Ex-Liverpool star claims he was DUPED into thinking he had Covid

Former Liverpool star claims he was DUPED by his wife into thinking he had Covid… and it took him FOUR DAYS of isolation to realise it was a prank!

  • The ex-player spent four days at home in isolation as he thought he had Covid
  • It turned out to be a harmless wind-up from his wife – much to his bemusement  
  • Big debates on Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal on It’s All Kicking Off podcast 

One former Liverpool star has been left red-faced after being tricked into believing he had Covid. 

Sharing a post on X – formerly Twitter – the ex-striker, who scored more than 300 goals in his career, claimed his wife was the one behind the trick.  

‘So the wife told me 4 days ago I had Covid…’ he wrote.

‘”C means Covid John” been isolating all week, not been the pub. Well am out today! Never trust your wife.’

It turns out that the player in question – John Aldridge – saw his rapid Covid antigen test show up with one line next to C – which means the test was negative for Covid-19. He was unsure what it meant and so asked his wife, who it is claimed said it meant positive.

A former Liverpool striker claims his wife convinced him he was positive for Covid for four days

The former Liverpool striker did not realise that he had misread his rapid antigen test result

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Had it been a positive test result, two lines would have appeared. 

The post quickly gained the attention of fans, running up more than 94,000 views on social media. 

One fan wrote: ‘All day in the pub then ready for the Liverpool game then!’

Another added: ‘You could’ve just read the instructions for yourself’

A third said: ‘She owes you BIG TIME for that one Aldo’

John Aldridge told his followers he was heading for the pub after spending four days at home

Self-isolating following a positive Covid test is no longer a legal requirement but the NHS continue to encourage people to remain home where possible. 

NHS advice reads: ‘Try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days after the day you took your test, or from the day your symptoms started (whichever was earlier). 

‘You should count the day after you took the test as day 1.’

Nonetheless, Aldridge eventually worked out that he was set up and he has headed for the pub ahead of Liverpool’s Sunday afternoon match against Luton Town, which is being broadcast by Sky Sports at 4.30pm.


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