"Deluded" Martin Keown tells Simon Jordan "don’t ridicule me" in heated spat

Martin Keown and Simon Jordan produced an argument for the ages as they exchanged verbal blows in a north London derby debate.

Arsenal legend Keown hit the headlines earlier this week after claiming he wouldn't have any Tottenham players in his combined XI, a comment which came back to bite him after the 3-0 victory for Antonio Conte's side on Thursday (May 12).

The former defender was asked by talkSPORT host Jim White if he regretted it, to which he replied: "That was me standing up for an Arsenal team going into full cry, into battle at White Hart Lane. Let’s get it on and I’m backing my players.

"I think everyone knows the quality of Son [Heung-min] and [Harry] Kane and [Dejan] Kulusevski. I wouldn’t have all three of them. I’d have two of them."

Ex-Crystal Palace chairman Jordan hit back: "So why was you on here last week saying you’d have none of them. Well that’s an advertorial. What you’re doing is biased. I thought your job was to write an educated article."

Keown explained: "Sometimes we can be mischievous. Jim’s not the only one who can be mischievous and a little bit sensationalist." That prompted White to retort: "Don’t turn it back on me, what you said in the Daily Mail then, you didn’t really mean?"

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"No I did mean it, we were going into battle," repeated Keown. "I don’t like being asked to swap players, a consummate 11. I don’t like it. It was a question that was presented to me. I don’t write the questions I just give the answers."

Jordan argued: "Well they’re not listening to you. With the greatest respect in the world you’re not their coach, you’re not their manager."

Keown's response of "Well it doesn’t matter then does it" was met with Jordan questioning: "Then why wouldn’t you have the courage of your convictions? You didn’t believe what you said."

After Keown claimed "I always believe what I say", Jordan slammed: "Well then you’re deluded then. Was the context of the article for you to be a cheerleader?"

An infuriated Keown asked: "Am I on here so you can ridicule me? Is that what you’re trying to do?" Jordan joked: "No no no, you do that regularly yourself, you don’t need my help with that."

Keown summed up: "I got asked a question I didn’t really want to answer, I didn’t really wanna dot the Arsenal team with all these changes. When we looked at it in the calm of day, yeah, of course they’re better players. But I’m still gonna support my team."

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