Cole thinks he’s holding ball No9 in Carabao draw – but there’s only eight teams

Much like his former Manchester United side, Andy Cole endured a night to forget as he made the Carabao Cup quarter-final draw.

Having just witnessed Erik ten Hag’s side get humbled 3-0 at home by Newcastle – the team they beat in last season’s final – Cole was tasked with picking out the away sides. With just eight clubs left in the competition, it should have been straightforward enough.

However, at one stage, Cole made it look as tricky as playing for England. The former goal ace scored just once for his country.

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After Everton had been drawn at home, Cole picked out ball number six, Fulham, although he was briefly unsure whether he had actually picked out a nine, despite the fact there were just eight balls. “Is it this way?” he asked. Presenter Mark Chapman replied: “Hopefully. Mainly because there are just eight balls!”

For many fans, especially Man United supporters, the gaffe was the highlight of the night. One said: “Andy Cole asking if the first ball he pulled out was a six or a nine, when there's only eight teams left in the competition will live long in the memory.”

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An Arsenal fan, whose side were put out by West Ham, added: “Andy Cole not sure if it was a six or 9 in an 8 ball draw my highlight of the night. Hated the league cup since Birmingham turned us over in the final.”

Another blamed the lateness of the draw, which didn’t take place until 10.45pm. They posted: “Should have done the draw before any of the kick offs tonight.. would have been better. 10.45pm is a joke @SkySports. Poor Andy Cole didn't even know if his number was a 6 or a 9 in an 8 ball draw he's that tired. Bless him”

Carabao Cup quarter-final draw in full

  • Everton vs Fulham
  • Chelsea vs Newcastle
  • Port Vale vs Middlesbrough
  • Liverpool vs West Ham

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