CHRIS SUTTON: Plans to sue the FA could wreck the organisation

CHRIS SUTTON: Plans to sue the FA over their negligence towards brain injuries in football could wreck the organisation… but it’s their own fault given their lenience in the past

  • A group of 30 former footballers are planning on suing the FA over negligence 
  • They claim the organisation could’ve done more to prevent brain injuries 
  • The FA have no one but themselves to blame given their previous lenience 

Sadly, I’m not surprised. There was an inevitability about this, especially after what happened in rugby. 

In football, the authorities have a lot to answer for. What really angers me are the things that could easily be changed which have not been. 

With rule-makers IFAB, where are the temporary concussion subs? We are seeing horrific injuries and the protocols not being followed. 

The FA have come under serious criticism over negligence regarding brain injuries

A group of 30 former footballers are planning on suing the Football Association

Why are they not here yet? With the FA, where is the education plan? Why are the players not being warned? Why is it not being shouted from the rooftops? The FA talk like they want to help but where is that help?

They have brought this upon themselves and this could have catastrophic consequences for them if those who bring legal proceedings are successful. 

It could get very serious for the FA and they have nobody else to blame. Have they done enough over the years? They haven’t even come close.

Heung-Min Son recently suffered a concussion injury during Tottenham’s European game

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