Chelsea fans against Ricketts family takeover after ‘racist emails’ circulated

Chelsea are still yet to secure a new owner after Roman Abramovich was hit with sanctions by the UK Government, but the fans have campaigned against a potential bidder.

Chicago Cubs owner Thomas S Ricketts has reportedly submitted a bid to buy Chelsea, and are flying to London to meet key stakeholders according to Sky Sports. Members of the stakeholders involved in the meeting include the Chelsea Supporters' Trust and the Chelsea Pitch Owners.

However, even in the crisis that Chelsea are in, fans have campaigned against the Ricketts family taking over at Stamford Bridge. That's because 'racist emails' have circulated linking back to the family from 2019.

A #notoRicketts campaign has emerged on Twitter due to concerns over emails sent by the father of the family, Joe, between 2009 and 2013. The emails in question expressed anti-Muslim sentiments and were made public three years ago.

The backlash has become even worse after former Chelsea star Paul Canoville posted a message condemning the potential takeover, with the ex-winger being subjected to racist abuse from Blues supporters during his time at Stamford Bridge. Canoville posted on Twitter: "So I’ve seen and heard enough.

"I’m backing @ChelseaSTrust and saying a big fat anti racism NO to the Ricketts bid! "Please can you stop even mentioning it #NoToRicketts."

The sender of the emails, Joe, is not though to be part of the Chelsea bid, and the remainder of the Ricketts family apologised for the emails at the time of exposure, and ensured that they did not represent their views. However, that has not stopped increasing criticism of the family as some of Chelsea's main stars identify as muslim.

There have been reports stating that Antonio Rudiger and N’Golo Kante could feel uncomfortable if the Ricketts bid is successful, due to their religion and the sensitive nature of the emails. The Chelsea Supporters Trust are expected to hold talks with the Ricketts family imminently, after Sky Sports confirmed that the family re travelling to London.

Whether the Ricketts family are successful or not, they trust has called on Chelsea's new owners to be diverse, and share the views of their fanbase. A statement from the Trust said: "We believe every prospective owner should make this public commitment to protecting the club’s heritage by issuing a golden share to fans.

"The Government should discount any bid that is unwilling to do so. While we cannot comment on commercially sensitive matters, the CST would like to reassure our members and supporters that in all dialogue with bidders, we have reaffirmed and will continue to reaffirm that any new owner must share the inclusive views of Chelsea FC and our diverse supporter base."

Chelsea's ownership is expected to change within the next month, as bidders have spent a fourth day waiting to hear from Raine, the bank in charge of the sale. Potential owners are still waiting to hear which proposals will be shortlisted, with some said to be frustrated by the lack of communication since Friday’s deadline.

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