Bellingham talks vile racist abuse and says he gets messages after every game

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Jude Bellingham has opened up on the vile racist abuse he receives after every game and called on the football authorities to do more to stamp it out.

The midfielder has starred for Borussia Dortmund and England over the past two seasons, winning the DFB-Pokal in 2021. But sadly, the 18-year-old has not been able to focus solely on matters on the pitch.

As he prepares to star for the Three Lions during this summer's Nations League campaign, he has now revealed the full extent of the racist abuse he endures. And the England star also disclosed that he receives abuse after nearly every match.

"After the majority of games I get a racist message in my Instagram inbox. Whether it's one, two or three. It can depend on what I've done in a game, if I've made a foul, if I've done something," Bellingham told CNN.

"There's not a single job in the world where you deserve to be criticised with racism. But that's the world we live in. And that's why we've got to do more, the people in power have got to do more."

Bellingham has also hit out at the footballing authorities for an apparent lack of concern about the abuse he receives. He called on them to do more to help root out racism from the sport going forward.

“I’ll always remember sharing the first batch of message I got after we drew 2-2 in Koln, I gave away a penalty, and I posted them, so people could see what it was like. My club were quick to send someone to message me and make sure I was alright and I really appreciate that. I had team-mates message me and family members," he added.

“I didn’t receive anything from the DFB or FA. And I always kind of compare it to when I said the thing about the referee in December. They were very quick to get into contact to give me my fine, give me my punishment and kind of make it a big drama in the media.

“I know that sometimes I have to control my emotions better. But maybe we are alone, maybe they aren't interested and don't care. Maybe it is down to me and down to us to work independently to get our message out."

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