Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale hits out at "b******s" and David Seaman agrees with him

Arsenal legend David Seaman and rising star Aaron Ramsdale have found more common ground over their views on the use of expected goals in football – and it isn't a positive one.

England legend Seaman invited the 24-year-old onto his Seaman Says podcast following a disappointing end to the season for the Gunners, but found a few things to laugh about as they discussed their careers.

One topic that got the pair chuckling was the introduction of the expected goals statistic in recent seasons, which is measuring 'the quality of a chance by calculating the likelihood that it will be scored from a particular position on the pitch'.

Both Seaman and Ramsdale were in total agreement regarding the stat.

When asked what he made of expected goals, Ramsdale left Seaman in stitches by saying: "Can I swear?"

Seaman then said: "I'll do it for you… a load of s***e!"

With Ramsdale saying: "B******!"

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The younger of the pair then added: "Someone's rating how hard a shot is to save which is just rubbish – every shot is completely different."

Earlier this year, Seaman hailed Ramsdale for the way in which he has taken his chance to shine at Arsenal following initial faith from Mikel Arteta.

He told PA: "When he first came, a lot of Arsenal fans were asking questions as to why we’re spending £30million on a number two because they couldn’t really see him replacing Bernd Leno.

"Then obviously, Aaron got his chance and I know it is a pun but he’s taking it with with both hands. He has properly grabbed it and shown what he can do.

"A lot of people were saying to me, 'but he’s been relegated with Bournemouth and Sheffield United'.

"That, for me, is a brilliant experience. That experience of playing under pressure and a relegation fight, trust me, is a lot worse than going for titles."

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