Alan Shearer gives Gary Lineker the finger as MOTD host mocks FA Cup failures

Alan Shearer gave Gary Lineker the finger as the Match of the Day Host mocked his colleague's lack of success in the FA Cup.

Shearer's inability to win the FA Cup during his career has become a regular source of banter between the Newcastle hero and Lineker, who tasted success in the competition in 1991 with Tottenham. Despite his status as the Premier League's record goalscorer, Shearer never managed to win the FA Cup, finishing runner-up with Newcastle twice in 1998 and 1999.

And on FA Cup final day of all days, Lineker simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the mickey out of his BBC pal.

"There it is look, that little beauty," Lineker beamed as the camera panned between the FA Cup and a grinning Shearer. Sensing such a jibe might have been coming, Shearer raised his hand and clenched his fist before giving the Match of the Day host the middle finger.

But Lineker wasn't finished there as he brandished a paper cup in the direction of Shearer and said: "Here's the cup you won," bringing a laugh from the former Magpies no.9.

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Twitter followers loved the hilarious exchange, with one writing: "Wait what Shearer hasn't won an FA Cup before? I never knew think Gary should mention it 324 times a broadcast so we don't forget."

"Every time," commented someone else. Another user pointed out that Shearer had a little more success than Lineker in the Premier League, asking: "Where’s your premier league title Gary?"

"Shearer is savage," joked a fourth person. As a different person chimed in with: "Shearer took a second to think 'should I swear?' He made the right choice when dealing with an irritation."

Lineker took another cheap shot at Shearer on Friday when he joked about the pundit's lack of hair. Shearer got his own back on that occasion, too, calling the Match of the Day host "Big lugs" on Twitter.

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