7 most vile football club badges ever 5 years on from Leeds’ shambolic design

Leeds caused an uproar amongst fans when they proposed to change their badge in 2018.

The Whites decided to ditch the badge that adorned the club's shirt since 2002 for a questionable new logo that didn't sit well with fans. The new badge featured a person, whose face was covered by the team name, in a white shirt with their fist-pumping their chest in a crest.

But the badge that was created following the feedback from 10,000 people over six months was swiftly changed back to the original following an outcry by the Whites' supporters who still have nightmares about the emblem switch up until this day.

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However, Leeds aren't the only side who have created a cringeworthy badge, and here, Daily Star Sport takes a look at the worst of the bunch.

Which football team has the ugliest badge? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments section

Norwich City

Norwich took ugly to a whole new level with their hideous badge choice. The team's badge has a Canary in the middle, in reference to their nickname, that's perched on a ball.

It also has a castle and dragon in the top left corner for some reason, surrounded by a sea of green, which all looks quite underwhelming to say the least.


Watford's badge is a mind-boggling conundrum that is comprised of a Moose, slap bang in the middle of a diamond-shaped crest with black and yellow on either side. On top of that reads the club's name in a rectangular shape.

But the cub's fans don't seem to mind the badge, and they voted against a new one several years ago when presented with over 4,000 possible alternatives.


Burnley's badged is comprised of a few strange elements too. The yellow crest has a dragon in the middle that looks like it's reaching out to a set of lego made stairs above it.

There's also a cockerel, two bees and a hand crammed into the emblem that looks pixelated.

Man City

Despite being one of the richest clubs in the world, it doesn't seem like the Premier League champions dipped into their huge reserve of cash to conjure up the team's badge. City unveiled a new badge in 2015, and now depicts a ship and a rose in the crest.

Eyebrows were also raised as the words "football club" no longer appeared on the badge that sits in a simplistic white circle.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol

Moldovan outfit Sheriff haven't been too creative with their emblem that is a police sheriff badge with the team's name running through the middle.

Not much thought was given to the team's stadium which is also called Sheriff, and to top it off the company that owns the club has the same name.


German side Hamburg made no effort at all with their badge. They didn't even bother to add the team's name to the emblem.
Instead, it features a white diamond with a black diamond inside it, completed by a smaller white diamond in the middle. And the triple diamonds sit on a blue background.


Juventus changed their badge in 2017, and it's safe to say there wasn't much thought put into the emblem switch.

The Serie A giants kept it really basic with their new badge that's literally two J's, and the team's name above the letter. But despite the badge getting labelled disappointing by fans on social media, Juve stuck to their guns and it remains the team's badge to this day.


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