Sebastian Vettel wore special helmet which exposed naked lady at Monaco GP

On Monaco Grand Prix weekend, fans are remembering the time Sebastian Vettel featured a naked woman on his helmet.

With the streets of Monte Carlo glowing under the spotlight of one of the most famous races on the calendar, in 2013 the German F1 superstar attracted attention for reasons completely unlinked to his racing talent.

In what can only be described as a scientific phenomenon, the pin-up model on his helmet gradually undressed as the temperature by the Mediterranean Sea got hotter.

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However, excited spectators keen to see the woman in all her glory, were rendered devastated as the swimsuit did not disappear entirely.

In a testament to his love for the sport, Vettel's helmet also featured an array of iconic F1 moments. But while the fans took note, they were undeniably paying more attention to the special heat-activated paint.

While Monaco is renowned for glitz and glamour, even the most respected of businessmen in attendance couldn't resist taking a peak.

Sticking with the art theme, Lotus unveiled a car with some Daft Punk decals.

Interestingly, despite there being very few overtakes on the track, the Monaco Grand Prix is actually the most dangerous in the F1 calendar.

Over the years, elite competitors like Jenson Button, Alberto Ascari and Martin Brundle have all succumbed to the narrow streets and winding roads that feature on the Monegasque circuit. 

As per research conducted by BonusCodeBets, while there are just ten overtakes in every Monaco race, there is a stunning average of 3.2 crashes.


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