Martin Brundle brutally mocked by Sky in teasing clip

The iconic broadcaster is mimicked by impressionist Conor Moore as he tried to interview fellow Sky presenters. Brundle’s most memorable grid walk moments are also recreated in the exchange featured on social media ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Holding a Sky Sports microphone, Moore first runs up to Ted Kravitz.

He screams: “Esteban Esteban. Oh Ted. Martin Brundle Sky F1. Kravitz replies: “Not you again Martin. Look I haven’t got time for this alright just get out of it.”

Moore then recreates Brundle’s incident with rapper Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 United States Grand Prix, responding: “You know I can because I did. Unlike some.” Moore next jumps on top of Simon Lazenby before trying to speak to Natalie Pinkham.

Sky then takes another dig at Brundle’s Megan Thee Stallion incident as a security guard tells him there are “no more questions”. His next target is 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill who Moore intentionally confuses the F1 ace as his former team principal Eddie Jordan.

Hill simply responds: “I’m not Eddie Jordan” while looking confused at the camera. He then steals Karun Chandhok’s coffee after the ex-F1 star also refuses to get involved.

The clip concludes with Brundle tapping the back of Moore’s shoulder desperate to get involved. Playing the role of an eager driver. the Sky commentator said: “Excuse me are you looking for a prediction? Thank you for talking to me you’ve got me as long as you need me for. “

However, Moore quickly interjects: “Your okay mate. It’s alright”. He then walks off leaving Bundle looking baffled as the clip comes to an end. The clip was released on Friday afternoon as the new season returned with free practice from the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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Moore tweeted: “The Sky Sports F1 team is back in action this weekend, which can only mean one thing… the return of the Martin Brundle grid walk. Ever wondered what Martin’s preseason training looks like? Well, now you know. “

Chandhok reacted to the clip on Twitter, posting a simple laugh emoticon. Last year, Brundle shared he was baffled at how the popularity of his grid walks surged when he is ignored by celebrities.

He said: “Somebody ignores me and my Twitter following goes up 50,000 in the next 24 hours. The whole thing confuses me. People get fans who think they should be on the grid, not some celebrity who has no genuine interest or nil interest whatsoever in the sport, and I kind of get that, but when I get blanked by an A-lister or whatever, then it sort of goes viral. The whole thing is a bit bizarre.”

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