Lance Stroll suffers massive crash during Singapore GP qualifying

Lance Stroll suffers MASSIVE 150mph crash during first part of qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix… with the impact against the barrier destroying his Aston Martin car which was thrown violently back onto the track

  • Lance Stroll suffered a major crash during qualifying for the Singapore GP 
  • He lost control at the final corner and had a violent impact with the barrier 
  • The 24-year-old Canadian reported over the team radio that he was ‘OK’ 

Lance Stroll brought out the red flag during the first part of qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix after his Aston Martin was destroyed in a massive crash on the street circuit.

The Canadian, who has endured a miserable season, looked to be heading out of qualifying in 20th place, as he looked to improve on his time.

He was improving on his time heading into the final corner, where he had a massive slide and crashed head on into the barrier – at a part of the circuit where cars will be reaching upwards of 150mph.

His Aston Martin spun violently into the air before coming to a stop in the middle of the circuit. The Canadian was able to walk away from the impact after reporting he was OK over the team radio.

Debris was littered across the main straight, while the front left corner of his Aston Martin was wrecked with the impact ripping the wheel off his car.

Lance Stroll suffered a massive crash during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix

Stroll lost control over a kerb and was thrown violently into the barrier out of the final corner

His car was briefly thrown off the ground as it span around and ended up back in the track

The crash brought out the red flag with the qualifying session delayed by 34 minutes

Stroll lost control at the final corner and had a violent impact into the barrier but was fortunately able to get out of his car and report to his Aston Martin team that he was okay

Stroll also lost both his front and rear wing in the crash which was at a section of the track where cars are said to be doing a minimum of 150mph

The impact ripped off the front left of his Aston Martin and brought out the red flag

There was panic on the faces of his Aston Martin team sitting on the pit wall, and race engineer Ben Mitchell asked the 24-year-old if he was okay.

To their relief, Stroll calmly responded that he was ‘OK’, not sounding like a man who had been involved in a massive impact against the barrier just seconds earlier.

He has however been taken to the medical centre for precautionary reasons. 

Stroll’s head was sent rocking from side-to-side from the impact, while Lando Norris in his McLaren was forced to take evasive action – dodging a flying wheel and Stroll’s out-of-control machine. 

‘Is the driver alright?’ asked Norris on the radio. ‘That must have been quite a big one.’

Sky F1 commentator Martin Brundle said: ‘He had to steer into the slide and the front axel bit and turned him right, almost a head on there and the barriers did a really great job of absorbing the energy and has the front of his car.

‘The cockpit is in tact around his legs. You always worry whether suspension parts would come into the cockpit and break his legs but he seems okay.

‘It’s the kerb that’s done it, he took his hands off his wheel luckily.’ 

Q1 was not restarted with not enough time left on the clock to get the session restarted. 

Stroll was in last place and trying to get out of the first part of qualifying when it happened

Stroll’s impact left the marshals with a significant barrier repair job at the final corner, with fluid from his car also on the track.

The session was delayed for 34 minutes before Q2 started at 9:53pm local time.

It is the latest setback to a disappointing season for Stroll who has been outperformed by team-mate Fernando Alonso.

While Alonso sits third in the standings with seven podiums this season, Stroll has yet to notch up a top three finish and has just 47 points compared to the Spaniard’s 170.

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