Horner admits Red Bull banned certain Drive to Survive footage from being aired

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has admitted to vetoing scenes from Drive to Survive.

The Netflix show offers a behind the scenes look at the chaotic world of F1 after first airing in 2019 – garnering a marmite response from fans and personnel in the sport.

Drive to Survive’s latest series was released prior to the start of the 2023 F1 season but after five years of cameras in and around the paddock, those inside the sport are still getting used to its presence.

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One stalwart in the paddock who regularly features on the programme is Red Bull boss Horner who admitted to the Financial Times that staff do have the power to block scenes from airing, he said:

“What you’ve got to remember is that it’s a TV show. They capture hours and hours of content.

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“The problem is they put a microphone on you at the beginning of the day and you forget that they’re there. Then you get to the end of the season and they tend to send you the clips of just you and your team.

“You think ‘Did I really say that? Did I really call someone a ‘See You Next Tuesday'?’ We can say ‘you can’t put that in there, there’s a part of the car you can’t show'. That’s the only get out of jail card we have.”

Although the fanfare surrounding the hit Netflix show means it has almost become a staple of the modern F1 circus, many are left frustrated with the occasionally fabricated scenes.

One such person is world champion Red Bull driver Max Verstappen who previously boycotted the show over concerns regarding the authenticity of some scenes and rivalries.

But Horner admitted that it’s almost part and parcel of it being a drama programme, crediting Netflix with introducing a whole new audience to the sport, he said:

“Of course they’re making a TV show, so they’ll create a narrative.”

“They’ll portray you sometimes you’re the baddie, sometimes you’re the hero, sometimes you’re both in one episode.

“But the effect that it’s had on the sport has just been insane. I mean, it’s been an absolute game-changer for Formula 1 in bringing in an entirely new audience to watching Formula 1 racing.”


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