F1 OnlyFans star says ‘bad girls have most fun’ as she dances in skimpy outfit

A cheeky F1 OnlyFans girl has given petrol heads something to get excited about following a processional Miami Grand Prix by bouncing up and down in a tiny bra.

A qualifying session which saw Max Verstappen start down in ninth with his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez on pole over-promised and under-delivered as the world champion sauntered to victory at the purpose-built circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium.

It was further indication that 2023 is going to be a one-horse race unless something extraordinary happens.

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However, predictable is not a word you would associate with OnlyFans beauty Iesha Pirito, who regularly posts saucy content with an F1 theme.

Her offering following the Miami Grand Prix featured a 12-second clip on TikTok of her bouncing up and down in a tiny bra with a message reading: “Bad girls have the most fun.”

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The clip went down well with her legions of fans with one replying: “Stunning as normal.” A second said: “Just bouncing around.” Meanwhile, a third quipped: “Love the trousers!”

Before the weekend, Pirito posted a racy message involving the drag reduction system (DRS) and Carlos Sainz.

The British blonde compiled a TikTok video looking fed up for consistently being asked: "What does DRS mean 'cos I'm an F1 fan girl."

But it didn't take long before the clip switched entirely to show Iesha doing a scantily-clad dance on her bed, complete with her meaning of the term, which read: "Me knowing I'll definitely ride Sainz.”

Iesha's declaration may have annoyed Sainz's partner Isabel Hernaez. The pair have been together since 2017 and while they share a private relationship, they were spotted on a romantic holiday in Mallorca earlier year.


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