F1 marshall runs onto track to get drinks can that caused virtual safety car

The Canadian Grand Prix weekend suffered more disruption on Friday evening as a drinks can blew onto the circuit.

The incident happened just hours after Carlos Sainz narrowly avoided running over a daring groundhog which had scampered onto the track. Although the drinks can posed much less of a danger, its presence still required the intervention of a steward, who raced onto the circuit to collect the errant piece of litter during the second practice session.

With the aid of a virtual safety car, the brave marshall successfully went about his retrieval mission, allowing the session to continue without further incident.

Earlier in the day, Ferrari ace Sainz was forced to take avoiding action after a groundhog strolled out in front of his car. Groundhogs are relatively common occurrence at the Canadian Grand Prix, and Sky Sports commentator David Croft christened this one 'Gary.'

"It’s not time to come out of your little burrow," said Croft. "That is the bravest groundhog on the Ile Notre-Dame, dicing with Carlo Sainz."

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Former world champion and Canadian Grand Prix winner Jenson Button, who is working for Sky Sports this weekend, accused the little creature of attention seeking.

"He’s not shy of the camera, is he?" said Button. "He wants all the attention. He thought, 'I’ll go next to the Ferrari'. Why would you go, ‘hang on a second, I’m going to cross that, let’s give it a go'."

Despite the presence of drinks cans and groundhogs, nothing could disrupt the momentum of championship leader Max Verstappen, who topped the leaderboards in both practice sessions.

The Dutchman led from the aforementioned Sainz in free practice two, with his team-mate and Vertsappen's title rival Charles Leclerc hot on his tail by the end of the second session.

Leclerc will be hoping that he can finally put his pace to good use this weekend after suffering two retirements due to engine failure in the past three races.

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