Ex-F1 ace who’s now DJ and producer planning to start duo called ‘pole position’

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    Former F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari is combining his motor racing background with his newfound music career to create a duo called Pole Position.

    Alguersuari, who drove for Red Bull's sister team Toro Rosso from 2009 to 2011, is now a successful DJ and music producer, as revealed by Daily Star Sport earlier this month. And while the Spanish star often tries to distance one track from another (if you know what we mean), he admits to having some creative fun with one of his next projects.

    "I’ve started my own record label," an excited Alguersuari explains exclusively to us. "It’s called 'Anims.' It is a Catalan word that means 'cheer up,' like when you are frustrated or something isn’t really working.

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    "I really like the word so I made the branding around it and released two EPs last year with cool remixes. Another two or three releases are coming this year, and I’m also releasing on other labels.

    "I’ve been working in the studio since September last year and hopefully we have some good news coming in the Spring. I’m starting a duo with a friend here in Barcelona called 'Pole Position.'

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    "It’s going to be quite cool. He’s a really nice guy and super detailed. We're doing music together, and we're going to release some new stuff at the end of the year. I’m so happy."

    Happiness is something that comes across when we speak to Alguersuari. The former F1 star who had dreams of one day becoming a world champion is not bitter about his controversial exit from the sport.

    Instead, he is loving life as a musician, having already performed with the likes of established DJ Carl Cox. Despite the fun name of his new duo, Alguersuari generally prefers to keep his past life and current life separate.

    While his name would almost certainly guarantee attention given his links to F1, Alguersuari believes it was imperative to alter his identity so that he can let his music do the talking.

    "It was super important to me to change my identity," he added. "When I stopped racing it was crystal clear that I had to use an alias to release music. Even though commercially it was not the perfect choice, it was very important for me to get respected by music lovers.

    "It’s not just DJs, it’s the industry. Marketing is something very important, but I really believe in the music, and I think that’s how you should be judged. It was clear that I had to use a name attached to me but didn’t easily identify me.

    "That’s why I used the word ‘Squire.’ It was like my second surname, the second part of it means ‘Squire’ in English. I thought ‘that makes sense,’ it’s like a translation into English that allows me to keep my name.

    While the worlds of F1 and music might seem dramatically different, Alguersuari believes racing can also be an art form, similar to his new passion.

    "It is odd to compare because they are different activities," he says. "Racing is an art, driving in wet conditions or on a street circuit, it’s very unique. But creating something out of nothing and making it work, signing it to a record label and seeing other people that you don’t know enjoy it and seeing the project working is cool and amazing.

    "I am enjoying the whole process, it’s really nice to see a different chapter in your life."


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