Eddie Jordan told BBC to ‘get stuffed’ after being told off on air

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Eddie Jordan has admitted he told a BBC producer to “get stuffed” after being told off while on air. The eccentric former team owner claimed production staff went “absolutely ballistic” after he spoke Irish during a grid walk.

The incident came at the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix when the ex-Jordan boss bumped into Hollywood celebrity Michael Fassbender. He made the revelation on the new podcast, ‘Formula for Success’, presented by Channel 4 commentator David Coulthard.

He explained: “Michael – even with such a strong German name – was actually brought up and educated in Kerry in Ireland. He’s a fluent Irish speaker. I remember going on the pit walk in Montreal, and I started to speak as Gaeilge to Michael, as I normally would have done.

“(A producer) from the BBC went absolutely ballistic asking what I was doing speaking a foreign language on the great BBC?!

“I said, ‘oh, get stuffed’ – or whatever I said. Fassbender tells this story to everyone, because it was kind of unique that someone would just use the Irish language.”

The exchange happens moments before the start as Jordan mops up the atmosphere on the grid ahead of the start. Jordan says: “I will have a look around because as I’ve already said there seems to be a war going on with all the people in X-Men because they all seem to be here.

“I did, out of the owner of my eye, see Michael Fassbender and I’m trying to work out where I can find him.” Jordan bumps into the actor and greets him warmly in Irish as the pair share a handshake.

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Jordan explains to the camera: “He was brought up and educated in County Kerry, my own homeland. What are you doing here?” Fassbender confirmed he was at the race due to filming work in Montreal for an X-Men project.

Jordan was one of the frontmen for the corporation’s coverage of the sport between 2009 and 2015 before they lost the rights to Channel 4. However, it was not the only time Jordan found himself in hot water after on-air comments.

He swore during coverage of qualifying for the 2012 British Grand Prix as the BBC desperately filled air time due to heavy rain delays. Speaking about Bernie Ecclestone’s motorhome, Jordan remarked: “We’ve been allowed in there, usually for a bollocking, he usually chastises me for something I’ve said that I shouldn’t have said.”

Host Jake Humphrey quickly interjected: “Apologies for the word that Eddie used just then, he meant a telling off.”

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