Eddie Jordan couldn’t keep his eyes off of model’s boobs at F1 Grand Prix

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    It's been said Eddie Jordan's eyes are everywhere when it comes to F1 – but there was one famous race weekend when they were firmly fixed on one prize only.

    The iconic team owner, who in 1991 founded Jordan Grand Prix, ran the outfit for 14 years before later becoming an outspoken pundit. And his antics at F1 venues were rarely dull, with the Irishman frequently using scantily clad models to promote his brand.

    The likes of Melinda Messenger, Jodie Marsh and fittingly, Jordan herself all oozed sex appeal in yellow outfits at his request. And the 74-year-old, who seldom cared of the perception of his behaviour, once famously flicked the middle finger at cameramen as he snuggled up to Marsh.

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    It wasn't the only time he was caught getting cosy with saucy models. At the 2002 European Grand Prix in Nuremberg, he posed with two stunning blondes who as usual, with dressed in the customary Jordan team colours.

    But for once, the Dubliner wasn't ready for the photographer, who duly snapped him as his eyes were gazing elsewhere. Unfortunately for Jordan, 'elsewhere' proved to be right at the boobs as the model hanging off his right arm.

    Not that she seemed perturbed off course, and nor did Jordan appear particularly deterred at being caught. Grid girls and parading models have since been outlawed by F1 bosses, but since stepping away from his commentary work with BBC and Channel 4, Jordan has continued to ruffle feathers with his outspoken ways.

    This month, he lambasted the notion of F1 testing, arguing teams were more concerned with attracting sponsors than analysing performance: "There's a lot of skulduggery that goes on with the teams, they're positioning themselves," he told OLBG. "Some teams want to be quick and show sponsors that they're going to be competitive and show young drivers a chance."

    Should grid girls be allowed back in F1? Let us know in the comments section.

    He's since expressed his disillusion at modern day pit stops. Jordan believes they have now become too quick, with multiple crew members swarming over the car as the tyres are hastily changed.

    "What I would like to see is longer pit stops," he ranted. "When you have 24, 25 people, guys descending on a car to change four tyres, it is positively ridiculous."


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