Tom Brady tipped to reverse NFL retirement again despite $375m deal

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Tom Brady declared: “I’m retiring for good,” earlier this year, bringing the curtain down on an iconic NFL career for the second time, but rumours are circling that the 45-year-old may not be done after all.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner’s first retirement was short-lived, U-turning just a month after announcing he had reached the end a year ago, returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one final season.

Without the ceremony and sentiment that surrounded his first retirement announcement, Brady last month bluntly told fans on social media his career was over. “Thank you, guys, for letting me live my absolute dream,” was his parting message, but the dream may not be over for games most successful player.

That is according to Rich Eisen, the face of NFL Network, who reports multiple sources at the NFL Combine last week said it is not out of the question that Brady comes out of retirement for the second time, with the Miami Dolphins mooted as the team that could lure him back to the gridiron.

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“Tom Brady may not be done after all”, Eisen said on his podcast. “A couple of people were like ‘Just hold on, let it play out and let’s see who wants what’. And the one place people are saying look out for is Miami. If the Dolphins get a piece of information on Tua Tagovailoa that he may not be ready to go, Tom Brady is right there in Florida… I was told keep an eye on that at the combine.”

Brady retired at the end of his contract with the Bucs, meaning he is theoretically a free agent and could be signed without needing to agree compensation with his former team. And three-time NFL MVP Brady has history with the Dolphins beyond his AFC East duels when he was a New England Patriot.

Brady was at the centre of a tampering scandal at the end of the 2019 season, which led to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross being suspended by the league for more than two months in 2022 and the team was docked its first-round draft pick for this year and a third-round pick in 2024.

The NFL investigation came after stunning allegations from former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, who said Ross wanted to host him and Brady on his yacht to facilitate a move to Hard Rock Stadium while he was still under contract with the Patriots.

As a result, the Dolphins’ long-standing interest in Brady is already well known, and they have uncertainty in their quarterback room with starter Tua Tagovailoa suffering multiple high-profile concussions in recent seasons, raising questions over his long-term health.

Brady, meanwhile, has a 10-year $375million broadcasting contract with Fox which he signed in 2022, but he is not going to enter the commentary booth until 2024 after revealing his plans to take time before jumping into his next career to Colin Cowherd in February. Should he choose to hastily end another retirement, his broadcasting debut would likely be delayed further.

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