The Seahawks ran a $100,000 play for David Moore with 22 seconds left vs. 49ers

At the end of the Seahawks’ win against the 49ers, it appeared as if Seattle was attempting to run up the score. The Seahawks were really just trying to run up wide receiver David Moore’s bank account.

With 22 seconds remaining in the game and a 26-23 lead, all Seattle had to do was take a knee and win. Instead, the Seahawks lined up in a shotgun formation, and motioned Moore over. They snapped the ball to Russell Wilson who then did a touch pass to Moore who ran for short gain and then went out of bounds.

To the casual viewer, this play made absolutely no sense. The Seahawks were in position to take a knee, so why did they decide to run a jet sweep touch pass for a few yards? That decision was explained after the game by Russell Wilson, who said the play was to mark an incentive in Moore’s contract.

“We called that play because David had $100,000 if he gets that catch,” Wilson said after the game. “So it’s a blessing to be able to help his family, and his daughter. We wanted to get him that catch, so we were able to dial that up for him.”

Moore had just the one reception (and the one target) in that game, but he finished the season with 35 receptions, which was the benchmark for his bonus. The 35 receptions is a career high for Moore, beating his previous season-high of 26 as a rookie in 2018.

Moore had a base salary of $825,000 this season (per Spotrac), so the $100,000 bonus will make a big impact for him.

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