Patrick Surtain II wears awesome PlayStation 2 inspired chain, shoes for NFL Draft 2021

Patrick Surtain II has everything covered — from wide receivers to draft-night fits.

NFL Draft night is always one of the more unique nights of the year when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s Christian Wilkins’ white suite or Dante Fowler Jr.’s spiky gold shoes, there’s always one-of-a-kind looks for NFL Draft prospects from top to bottom.

Before players even took the stage to hear their names called, Surtain may have won draft night, as he showed off a pretty ridiculous PlayStation 2 — or PS2 — controller pendant and chain.

The chain itself lights up with “SURTAIN” emblazoned across the top, and the chain has the X, square, triangle and circle buttons on the chain.

He also has a PS2 control on his loafers, which is a nice touch. 

The Alabama cornerback is widely considered to be one of the top defensive backs in the draft, and his nickname “PS2” is certainly deserved. 

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