Hey, Bills Mafia — some stores are selling tables in your fan section

The Buffalo Bills are in the AFC Championship Game for the first time since 1993 — so folding tables, beware.

Superfans of the team, dubbed “Bills Mafia” because of their antics before, during and after games, have been known for jumping through plastic folding tables for years. Some Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in upstate New York are stocking up with center-folding tables in hopes that Bills fans have something to celebrate after Sunday’s playoff game against the Chiefs.

One member of the Bills Mafia spotted the tables laid out nicely at a Dick’s store in Orchard Park, New York, which is conveniently less than two miles from Bills Stadium.

Emily Dailey saw the tables at the store and thought briefly of crashing through them while filming a TikTok video, but reality kicked in.

“I realized I just, at 38 years old, had my knee replaced and that wouldn’t be a good idea,” Dailey told ESPN.

Dailey is a season-ticket holder who twice missed a chance to get tickets to the playoff games by two hours and was hoping for the Cleveland Browns to win so the Bills would host them for the AFC championship. Dailey has yet to crash through a table for fear of getting hurt … but if the Bills go to the Super Bowl?

“Who cares. That table won’t know what hit it,” Dailey said.

Dana Kaiser also saw folding tables at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store at Boulevard Mall in Amherst, New York. Her picture was reposted to Facebook, then was later shared by someone on Twitter, making it go viral.

Kaiser told ESPN the tables were out on Jan. 17, a day after the Bills beat the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round.

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