Finding the biggest roster holes for all 32 NFL teams: Which positions could be improved and where contenders can upgrade

This NFL offseason has been nothing if not entertaining. Some NFL teams made a huge splash in free agency, such as the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos, while other made major improvements in the 2022 draft, such as the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets.

However, most (all) teams still have a weakness (or multiple weaknesses) on their roster that probably should be addressed if they want to win the Super Bowl. Should teams be looking to players in free agency to fill these needs or tempt fate and stick with what they have? That is what the next two months will be about: Evaluating what they have and addressing needs as they go. But what exactly are these roster holes, and who are the current starters at those positions?

Below, Football Outsiders outlines the biggest hole on each NFL roster now that the draft is done and training camp is in the distant future. Many of the advanced stats referenced below are explained here.

Let’s jump in and start with the NFC East:


Dallas Cowboys

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