Browns’ Mack Wilson makes peace with Patrick Mahomes’ mom Randi after ‘evil’ and ‘trash football’ tweets

Give  peace a chance.

Randi Mahomes, mother of KC QB Patrick Mahomes, was understandably shaken after seeing her son struggle to get to and stand on his feet after a hit by Browns linebacker Mack Wilson this past weekend. The Mahomes matriarch took to Twitter to rag on the hit that sidelined her son, calling it “trash football.”

Well, Wilson harbored no ill will toward Patrick and made sure to make peace with Momma Mahomes as well after some more rough tweets from Randi, including one that called Wilson “evil.”

“No disrespect mom I’m just playing hard. This is a dangerous game we play and we take a risk every time we step foot on the field. I’m happy that Pat is okay but mind you.. I’ve never been a dirty player. I just want to win and be great like your son,” Wilsons’ response reads.

Randi Mahomes was very upset with the hit that took out her son, and called for Wilson to be thrown out of the game in her previous tweets. Wilson and Patrick Mahomes made it clear on Twitter that there was no ill will.

Mahomes is still going through concussion protocol with his status still uncertain for Sunday’s AFC Championship game vs. the Bills.

Now that fences have been mended, let’s get back to football, eh?

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