Broncos Roundtable: What does success look like for Denver the rest of the season?

Parker Gabriel, Post Broncos reporter

OK gents, the playoffs have been sort of an amusing thought for a couple of weeks and, even though Denver has not yet been mathematically eliminated, you could sense after Sunday’s loss to Las Vegas that players finally were starting to realize the reality of golf season beginning in early January.

So, what constitutes success the rest of the way? Not sure how you get much more than 6-11 out of this closing run unless something dramatic changes. So, in that context, the best thing the Broncos can hope for is a heater from Russell Wilson. The kind of stretch that makes teammates, coaches, bosses and prospective free agents think, “he’s still that guy.” It would do everybody in the organization well, perhaps nobody more so than coach Nathaniel Hackett.

Kyle Newman, Post Broncos reporter

My gut tells me GM George Paton’s two big hires at head coach and quarterback might both be duds. I have a feeling the booing Empower Field faithful would be inclined to agree with me. That leaves the last seven games for Hackett and Wilson to prove me and those boo-birds wrong.

For Hackett, success over this final stretch means winning at least four of the seven games left to finish 7-10 and prove that he can hang as a head coach in the NFL, and that he’s adjusted from all the early-season turbulence. Wilson will need to play a part in that, and as Parker mentioned, to prove he’s not the QB in decline that the Seahawks traded off for five draft picks (two first-rounders). If the duo really wants to get ambitious, and perhaps save Hackett’s job, they’ll beat the Chiefs at least once to snap the now-13 game losing streak.

Sean Keeler, Post sports columnist

One more third-quarter touchdown by this offense — one, boys, that’s all I’m asking — before New Year’s Day. What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? OK. Fine. Fewer than 33,000 no-shows, combined, for the last three home games. I mean, we’re kinda running out of rungs on this descending ladder of a season, aren’t we? Playoffs? Pffth! Ending the Chiefs losing streak? Don’t hold your breath. At this point, if Wilson can figure out a path to 15 passing touchdowns for the season, warm up the fire engines. Because we’re throwing a parade, baby. Union Station to Market Street. Let’s ride.

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