Broncos Briefs: George Paton won’t rush hiring of chief front office lieutenant – The Denver Post

New Broncos general manager George Paton will “eventually” hire a front-office executive to serve as his chief lieutenant, but added, “I’m not in a big hurry.”

Paton was hired last Wednesday and must also fill the spot vacated by director of player personnel Matt Russell, who retired Jan. 4.

“It is my call 100%,” Paton said of the hire. “I really want to evaluate the staff here. I’ve heard great things about the college and pro staffs so I want to see their process. I want to get to know the guys and go through a scouting season with them before really making any decisions.”

What Paton didn’t say is even if he had a candidate picked out, they may not be able to contractually join the Broncos until after the draft.

Paton said throughout the football side of the front office, there will be a “big emphasis on diversity.”

“It starts from the top, from me and (president/CEO) Joe (Ellis),” he said. “We will have a developmental program in place for diversity and I think it’s huge. Diverse thought helps you make better decisions and we’re going to have a diverse staff.”

Elway’s role. Now the president of football operations for at least 2021, John Elway described his new job as being a “sounding board” for Paton.

“He has to get acclimated to the new position and the new job and get to know everybody,” Elway said. “Any information I can give (Paton) to help him make a better decision, I’m going to do. That’s kind of my role and the role I’m looking forward to, especially knowing everybody in the building and the team in order to help George and support him in any way I can.”

Footnotes. Coach Vic Fangio on Paton: “I was impressed with George from the start. You could tell very early on he truly was the assistant general manager (in Minnesota). He’s handled and been experienced in all facets of the job of being a general manager.” … Paton said he will begin meetings with the Broncos’ college scouting staff on Wednesday. He is undecided on if he will attend next week’s Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala.

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