Aaron Rodgers hosted Jeopardy! and got trolled about the NFC championship field goal

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made his debut as interim host of Jeopardy! on Monday night, and honestly, he was pretty solid.

Rodgers is no stranger to the Jeopardy! stage. On a 2015 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!, he raised $50,000 for charity by defeating astronaut and current United States senator Mark Kelly and “Shark Tank” panelist and businessman Kevin O’Leary. Jeopardy! has selected a number of interim hosts following the death of its iconic host Alex Trebek in November 2020. Former Jeopardy! contestant Ken Jennings, who is the highest-earning game show contestant of all time, was the first interim host, and he tweeted in support of Rodgers before Monday’s show.

Rodgers also demonstrated that he has a pretty decent Larry David impression.

Of course, as always, the written answers on Final Jeopardy! provided the best moment. Two-time champion Scott Shewfelt was too far behind the leader to make it up with a correct answer, so he decided to troll Rodgers a little bit by bringing up Packers coach Matt LeFleur’s decision to kick a field goal while down by eight points in the NFC championship game.

Brutal. But Rodgers handled it with aplomb — and since he says he’d love to be a full-time host, who knows what could happen in the future?

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