Simon Jordan slams “arrogant” Nick Kyrgios after Wimbledon rebel’s “spit” shame

Nick Krygios has been slammed as “truculent, belligerent, and arrogant” after the Australian admitted to “spitting” towards some spectators at Wimbledon.

The world No.40 only just survived a first round scare by overcoming Paul Jubb 3-6, 6-1, 7-5, 6-7, 7-5 in a brutal five-set thriller. However, the 27-year-old found himself at loggerheads with some of the Wimbledon spectators, even admitting to spitting towards them during the contest.

Kyrgios repeatedly bickered with the umpire about the crowd’s behaviour, claiming they were booing him during the point, before asking for them to be removed from the stands. And the controversial Australian’s behaviour has been slammed by former Crystal Palace owner Jordan.

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“It goes with the territory, it goes with the territory of being an elite sportsperson and all that goes with it,” Jordan said to talkSPORT when asked about the unusually partisan Wimbledon crowd. “They [tennis players] don’t have to be mutes, they have a right to question, they have a right to push back; there is a difference in the way spectators are expected to behave in the confines of tennis.

“It isn’t football, it isn’t tribalistic and there is an element of some of what he says that I don’t necessarily have a problem with. But what I do have a problem with, is when he pushes the envelope beyond certain reasonable levels of complaint.

“If you turn around and turn it into a bun fight and you’re going to suggest that people are not allowed to make mistakes and you’re going to make it personalised and you’re going to use childish immature language, then you are going to be held to consequences. If you go into a press conference with a very truculent, belligerent, and arrogant attitude, then there is going to be a blowback.

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“You cannot spit at people. His argument was well ‘I didn’t spit at someone who was praising me’. To me, to some extent, this is the embodiment of the modern day sportsperson, that has an entitled view of the world and doesn’t believe that they are able to be criticised, doesn’t believe there is a consequence for their behaviour and believes they can say and do as they want.”

Kyrgios showed little remorse or embarrassment when he admitted to spitting towards the spectators who were heckling him during the contest. "Yes (it was deliberate),” Kyrgios said after his victory. "I would not be doing that to someone who was supporting me.

“As soon as I won the match, I turned to him… I've been dealing with hate and negativity for a long time, so I don't feel like I owed that person anything. He literally came to the match to literally just, like, not even support anyone really. It was more just to stir up (trouble) and disrespect.”


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