Russia brute has blood running down face as he slugs it out in bare-knuckle bout

Top Dog FC 13 produced a brutal bout which left one fighter with blood pouring from his face.

The TDFC organisation is growing in Russia, with bare-knuckle fighters happy to hammer the life out of one another. The 'Top Dog' tournament began broadcasting fights in parking lots in early 2020, making it something akin to a real-life Fight Club.

But the organisation reportedly now rents out a Moscow arena for brutal bare-knuckle bouts that attract hundreds of spectators in the crowd and millions of fans around the world. And at the TDFC 13 event, fans baying were blood weren't left disappointed as Denis 'Tsarevich' Romanov fought Mark Tsittser

Both fighters weighed in just under the 60kg mark, but there was no shortage of violent shots.

With the 'ring' surrounded by hay bales, by the end of the first round Romanov had blood pouring from his face as the rivals stood toe to toe and threw bombs at each other. However, he went the distance with no clear winner at the end of the three rounds.

It was Romanov who was declared the winner though, and afterwards he took to the microphone to say: "I want to say hello to my coaches. I also want to say hello to my PE teacher!"

Is bare-knuckle fighting a sport or just barbaric nonsense? Let us know in the comments section.

Romanov usually fights at 54-57kg, with this his first bout in the 58-60 category. However, he expressed his desire to continue at that weight, and eventually become a champion.

Tsittser meanwhile, whose face also appeared battered by the end of the fight, was scathing of his own display despite only losing via a split decision: "I have no excuses, the fight went really bad," he admitted.

"I have no excuses. I want to fight more and show better performances." Both fighters were at least able to be gracious after beating each other to a pulse, embracing in the ring before going into the crowd to meet fans.

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