Ronnie O’Sullivan fumes at security guard in World Championship final – ‘Stay out’

Ronnie O'Sullivan explains why he made a 146 in 2016

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Ronnie O’Sullivan complained about a security guard during the Snooker World Championship final. As he went to take a shot, the Rocket complained about a guard who was disrupting his focus by moving around in his eyeline early in the third frame.

“He keeps moving about, the security guard – just tell him to stay out of my eyeline,” O’Sullivan told the referee, who in turn waved and instructed the person in question. “He is staring at someone in the audience here!” said Dave Hendon, on commentary for Eurosport.

“He is right in his eyeline. I mean, he potted the pink, but he still wants the person… in fact, it is the security guard he is talking about! It is not actually a spectator. He is in a mean mood here isn’t he!”

This is not the first time O’Sullivan has voiced his displeasure regarding the Crucible audience this fortnight. During his semi-final clash with John Higgins, the six-time champion complained to the referee about movements from those in the crowd.

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“Just maybe mention, for both players, it’s quite off-putting,” O’Sullivan suggested to referee Marcel Eckardt. “Just the eyeline. Just the eyeline,” before looking to the crowd and saying: “Is that alright?!”

“It was another phone,” explained Hendon, on commentary for Eurosport at the time. I’m not sure what more the referees can do apart from making polite requests, and sometimes not-so-polite, just to turn them off.

“It was just a bit of movement that O’Sullivan was noticing in his eyeline.” At the end of the final’s first session, the 46-year-old held a 5-3 lead over Judd Trump.


The fourth seed was largely on the back foot but only trails by two frames heading into the evening session. After losing the opening salvo, O’Sullivan then took over with two superb centuries and a break of 68 to reel off the next five frames.

O’Sullivan appeared angry and argued with referee Olivier Marteel towards the conclusion of a session that he had looked set to win 6-2, and didn’t shake the official’s hand once it had concluded. But his failure to get position on the yellow and a subsequent foul gave Trump, who had failed to convert chances of his own and was guilty of some poor shot selection at times, a reprieve and he appeared delighted as he left the arena to prepare for tonight’s session, trailing the world No.1 by just two frames.

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