Racing driver-turned-OnlyFans babe Renee Gracie shows off body in racy lingerie

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Racing driver-turned-OnlyFans star Renee Gracie wowed her fans on Instagram after sharing a raunchy shot of her body in revealing lingerie. The Australian first broke onto the scene when becoming a successful motorsport driver in her teens, but has now turned her attention to adult subscription site OnlyFans.

Gracie shared the snap to her 135,000 followers on Instagram, accompanied with the caption: “Have you been to Las Vegas?” The 25-year-old had shared a similar shot of the same raunchy outfit three days prior, and the two posts have collectively amassed nearly 16,000 likes.

Despite starting her adventure in sport, Gracie has made quite a name for herself online, and has picked up quite a following in the adult film business.

As well as amassing a fan base, the former racing driver has earned plenty financially too, especially from her work on OnlyFans, collecting over £13,000 in her first 24 hours on the site.

She said: “In the first 24 hours, I made $24,000.” The Aussie had no idea just how much was to come, as she revealed she went from ‘being broke to having heaps of money’. Gracie added: “From that first two weeks … [we were] starting to say, ‘OK, we need to figure out what we’re gonna do.”

“It was $70,000, $80,000 the next month … It was such a whirlwind for me [from] having no money, and being broke to having heaps of money… Other than doing the content, the money side of things has been the biggest thing I’ve had to wrap my head around.”

Despite her successes online, Gracie did admit that she was contemplating a return to sport and the race track, however this time acting as a mentor for female drivers breaking into the sport, after describing her time as a driver as ‘toxic’.

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She commented: “I grew myself to be someone who has a presence online. It wasn’t just online, but as a businesswoman… [There are] ideas floating around … ‘Can you come back to racing?’ People were wanting me to come back…

“Giving other young females or race car drivers in general a stepping stone. Even being a mentor… for racing and the hurdles you have to go through. I’ve naturally had a lot of people reach out. But the racing side of things is a very cautious thing for me. When I did leave, it was very toxic… I have to enjoy it.”

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